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2004 Editor's Choice Yankee Magazine Travel Guide to New England


Use our levels as a guide.

  • Beginner

  • The student that has no prior knitting or crochet experience.

  • Advanced Beginner

  • For knitting, the student has experience with knitting, purling, increasing and decreasing, casting on and binding off. For crochet, the student has experience with basic pattern stitches and increasing and decreasing stitches. The student should be able to read simple knitting / crochet instructions.

  • Intermediate

  • For knitting, the student is proficient in the skills listed in advanced beginner as well as work on circular and double point needles, work cable and yarn over patterns, and do simple finishing techniques. For crochet, the student is familiar with a variety of techniques, such as basic lace patterns and color patterns, midlevel shaping, and finishing.

  • Advanced

  • The student is proficient in the skills listed in the intermediate level as well as work with intricate stitch patterns and multicolor techniques using fine threads and small needles, able to make pattern adjustments and have a refined finishing technique.

  • Test level

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